Bachelor of Science (Hons) Industrial Technology

  • Durations

    Credit Hours:120
  • Tution Fees

    BDT Ringgit USD
    737,250.00 (Approx) 38,802.63 (Approx) 9,215.63 (Approx)
  • Entry Requierments

    Passed STPM 2 principals / H.S.C / A' Level / Alim inclusive Mathematics
    Passed Matriculation/Foundation with minimum CGPA of 2.00 and minimum C Grade in Mathematics & Physic
    Passed Diploma with minimum CGPA of 2.00
    Passed UEC with Grade B in 5 subjects including English.
  • Overview

    The programme aims to provide graduates with an ability to acquire and apply skills required for scientific and technological inquiry, for solving problem, communicating scientific ideas and result for working collaboratively in industry. Graduates also able to present professional competence in the field of industrial technology include handling and design instrumentations, industrial management, material testing and evaluation, material processing and manufacturing. Technology graduates with Bachelor of Sciences (Hons)- Industrial Technology will having abilities to construct knowledge and understanding of a concept in applied sciences, physical sciences and apply these understanding in interpret, integrate and extend their knowledge to pursue a lifelong learning with professional attitudes, good ethics and leadership qualities. After finishing their studies graduates may mostly work in industry.
  • Program Learning Outcomes

  • Program Structure

  • Career Prospect

    Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Industrial Technology is a 3½ yr course, conducted in 7 long semesters and 3 short semesters and students need to accomplish 120 credit hours. After completing this degree program, students will be able to choose these career paths;

    • NDTs Specialists
    • Safety Officers
    • Material Technologist
    • Product and Quality Executive
    • Material Analyst
    • Production Technology Engineer
    • Research Officer
    • Materials Scientist
    • Industrial Technologist
    • Manufacturing
    • Education(materials/technology)
    • Chemical Industry Technologist.