Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) Biodiversity and Conservation

  • Duration

    Credit Hours: 124
  • Tution Fees

    BDT Ringgit USD
    737,250.00 (Approx) 38,802.63 (Approx) 9,215.63 (Approx)
  • Entry Requierments

    Passed STPM 2 principals / H.S.C / A' Level / Alim inclusive one of Science subject and credit in Bahasa Melayu & English in SPM / O' Level / S.S.C / Dakhil
    Passed Foundation Science/ Matriculation in Science/ Diploma in relevant subject with minimum CGPA of 2.00, also credit in Bahasa Melayu and English in the SPM
    Passed UEC with Grade B in 5 subjects including English
  • Overview

    • The study of biodiversity reflects the extent of the interest of a nation in its natural resources and heritage, which is considered as a crucial portion of the national wealth. Since Malaysia is one of the twelve mega-diversity centre of the earth, much emphasis should be put on understanding, preserving and utilizing the biodiversity of our biotic resources.
    • Students are required to attend an internship programme to familliarize with the actual working environment.
  • Program Learning Outcomes


    • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the world’s biodiversity and the importance of conservation and biodiversity management.
    • Analyze matter arises in biodiversity conservation and to think critically to solve the problem.
    • Identify, formulate and synthesize solution for the conservation of biodiversity and their sustainable utilization
    • Comprehend the importance of biodiversity towards social and economical well-being of the society
    • Assess critically current and future developments relevant to the sustainable utilization and conservation of biological diversity
    • Quest for life-long learning to pursue in enhancing advanced knowledge to deal flexibly and effectively with changes in the scientific and social contexts of their career
    • Apply theoretical knowledge and skills effectively in fields related to the management and conservation of biodiversity


  • Program Structure

  • Career Prospect

    Career  Opportunities

    • – Environmental officer
    • – Marine park officer
    • – Fisheries officer
    • – Research officer (EIA)
    • – Coastal area manager
    • – Science officer

    Expected Salary

    • – Public Sector: Basic starting monthly salary is around RM1,650; plus allowances (such as housing and entertainment) the total can amount to around RM2,300.
    • – Private Sector: The amount of basic starting monthly salary can vary from the above amount. However, the total amount of monthly salary earned (inclusive of allowances) is subject to negotiation and which can be higher than that earned in the public sector.