Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (Hons)


    Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program provides an opportunity for education and training in all of the major disciplines of medical laboratory sciences. MLS are health care professionals who are concerned with the diagnosis, management and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. They perform complex biochemical, hematological, histological, cytological, immunological, and bacteriological analyses on specimens obtained from patients in hospitals and other related health care institutions. Technologists also perform microscopic examination on blood specimens and other body fluids. They make cultures of body fluid and tissue samples, to determine the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites, or other microorganisms. To maintain the integrity of the laboratory process, the medical technologists should also be able to recognize factors that could introduce error and reject contaminated or sub-standard specimens. Apart from that, MLS program also is the best platform for those who plan to further their studies in Master of PhD level in the future.


    The program emphasizes laboratory principles and procedures, clinical significance and application, principles and practice of quality assurance, problem-solving, principles of laboratory management and supervision, safety, instructional methodology, and computer applications.

    Clinical Attachment

    During the last semester at UNISEL, the student will spend 16 weeks Clinical Internship at an affiliate clinical laboratory. Students apply the skills and knowledge gained on campus to the day-to-day laboratory environment. A clinical instructor from the affiliate laboratory will be responsible for student learning.




    BDT Ringgit USD
    737,250.00 38,802.63 9,215.63

    Graduates in Bachelor of Occupational Safety and Health are qualified to work in:

    Hospitals and private clinical laboratories

    Research (develops & test new methods)

    Public Health (state health labs, community health projects, environmental testing, Peace Corps)

    Specialty Laboratories (forensics, fertility, veterinary)

    Biotechnology (product research/ development, data analysis, quality assurance)

    Sales and Marketing (biomedical supply, pharmaceutical companies)

    Laboratory Computer Systems

    Compliance Inspector

    Infection Control